Sylph Web

~~Sylph Web is unfortunately no longer being maintained!~~

The Sylph Web is a network of spirits tangled in the air and the soil of Anita-Berber Park in Berlin. Use your phone camera to photograph and identify weeds and wildflowers and unravel the impish sylphs hidden inside them.

Sylph Web is an augmented reality plant identification game developed byChloê Langford.


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Privacy Policy

Sylph Web uses a plant identification API offered by Pl@ntNet to identify the plants the users photograph while using Sylph Web. Pl@ntNet is a research and educational initiative on plant biodiversity supported by the Agropolis Foundation. The photographs the users of Sylph Web submit are sent to Pl@ntNet servers and are not linked with any user specific data. Pl@ntNet stores this data in order to improve their identification engine - the more images it is trained upon, the better it functions.

Sylph Web does not collect any other user data.