Chloê Langford


all horses are beautiful, 2017. a contribution to data mutations - an interactive artgames anthology of hyper-remixed assets --> "we embrace the genepool we mutate each other"

text fills out web form

the smell of your sweat is transparent, 2014-2017.

photo of poem

peaches melt // clocks rot, 2017. 7 pages -> find the link in each page

gif of animated website

pink fish // holographic flesh, 2017. an augmented reality project presented in my bedroom

ar graphic of a blob on a shell ar graphic of a loop on a shand


TOTAL REFRESHMENT, 2012, plastic bag, shell, insulation foam.

photo of wall-based artwork

It’s a plastic bag. You can’t put a fucking brick in it, it will break., 2012, bricks, plastic bag, fur, red nail polish, instructions.

This work was presented at Format Space Adelaide as a part of the group exhibition Roseanne Angry, an exhibition dealing with the demonisation of female anger. Visitors were invited to place a brick in a hanging plastic bag, one and at a time, until the plastic bag broke.

photo of bricks and plastic bag

healing, feeling, 2012, cotton, foam, headphones, sound piece.

The viewer was invited to lie against the wall under a blanket and listen to a sound recording of the artist whispering and alternately screaming.

photo of wall-based artwork