Chloê Langford

👩🏻‍💻 Hi, I'm an artist and programmer living in Berlin, Germany.

🎮 I'm a member of AAA, a video game collective. Our latest project is Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates. It's a videogame network of nine worlds - each one a personal utopia developed by a member of the collective. We also have a blog, where we post about computer graphics, making games, collective labour and more. You can find my posts here.

👽 Independently, I also developed the Interplanetary Flirtation Device - a two-way telecommunication system designed for communicating with extraterrestrial beings. In order to contact alien life-forms, human users are required to send messages according to an experimental haptic stimulation protocol - messages to our alien conversationalists are encoded in touch. The project was first shown at Sister Gallery and Creamcake's Interrupted in 2018. I'll be developing a new iteration of the Interplanetary Flirtation Device for a Welcome to my Homepage residency in June 2020.

🧠 I also work at the Brain Simulation Lab at the Charité Berlin, where I build creative interactive apps and installations that help communicate the lab's research.

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