Chloê Langford

Chloê Langford is an artist (living in Berlin, Germany) who makes art, performances and video games using web technology + game engines. She is interested in using computers to channel the superstimulated, hyperchromatic, fractured experience of being a body in this moment in time. In her practice, she explores how sensory experience can communicate ideas in ambiguously encoded ways - and how this poetic friction can widen our understanding of reality.

Her recent work includes a performance about navigating a spiral shaped cave of obliteration (CHAOS CAVES), a wet and weird clock that ticks like a chorus of bugs (UR KAOS UHR) and an alien interface for communicating via touch (Interplanetary Flirtation Device).

Langford is part of the the experimental video game label and collective Fantasia Malware. Together they are producing the 2022 event series Fantasia Malware Presents. Fantasia Malware Presents is a tiny cross section of the fizzing underbelly of video games - a late capitalist medium wrenched free from the grasp of the marketing team to make boundless alien dream worlds.

Some of the organisations Langford has worked with include National Gallery & Royal Opera House (London), transmediale studio (Berlin), (Berlin), Overkill Festival (Enschede), A MAZE Festival (Berlin), Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Berlin). She also works at the Brain Simulation Lab at the Charité Berlin, where she makes visualisations and interactive apps that help communicate the lab's research.